Handmade Beard Oils

Handmade Beard Oils

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Our handmade beard oils contain only the finest naturally moisturizing oils, including coconut, hemp, and avocado. This means you get a lighter oil with the same effective characteristics of the heavier products. We also now have 5 scents to choose from!!

FREEDOM- our original scent, a perfect blend of citrus, jasmine, and lavender. This one is meant to be a more relaxing experience...much like enjoying freedom.

PEPPERMINT- the opposite of "FREEDOM", this one is very invigorating, leaving your beard cool and tingly. We use high quality therapeutic-grade Supreme Peppermint oil here, nothing but the best for our beards!

TOBACCO VANILLA- smooth, spicy, and sweet...just like Uncle Sam! This scent definitely turns heads!

BAY RUM- a classic scent, think barber shop clean. Rum, jasmine, bay leaf, spices, and citrus. One of our favorites!!!

CEDAR LEATHER- a GREAT masculine scent! Both woodsy and musky, with amber and tonka bean bases.


Also, feel free to try mixing our scents to come up with a unique combination of your own! We do it ALL THE TIME!